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    Quote Originally Posted by Mandros View Post
    Yeah well I had my account stuck at AS: Login for 8 days before CS even responded to the damn ticket. I had Patron running that I spent money for and will never get refunded or compensated apparently. 2 PM's to the CM that left went unread and unanswered. CS has yet to respond to my request to be unstuck and to be compensated at least for the Patron. The server restart let me log back in, but I'm still missing 8 days of patron and all the goodies that go with bonus days.

    I suspect they'll issue a final game wide compensation to everyone as I don't think they can figure out any other way.

    This failure to respond has forced me to pull all CC and Paypal info from my accounts and I will never spend another dime on this game.

    Ignore enough of us and there will be no more game...
    Last year I sent them a customer support ticket (I got scammed) and they said that they would look into it. Been over a year and got no response
    #PSN: Benji_Yokai#
    It's pronounced yoh-KAI, not yoh-ki (a common misconception)

    I'm not sure if I want to play this game again after seeing what has changed during my 1-year break
    I will still be lurking on the forums to see if things have changed, I still have hope

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    The last post I sent was deleted. They said this was the reason the screenshot was deleted. They said that's why I got banned.

    ...you posted private correspondences with the customer support team. This goes against our Privacy Policy
    The contents of the ticket were exactly like this:

    CS <3 ME (ticket)
    -I lost my stuff because of server problems.
    +We are sorry to hear that
    -I want my stuff back
    +We can't do anything about this
    -I lost my items because of you
    +We don't pay compensation. If a compensation is to be paid, the developer team will do it.

    DEV <3 ME
    -Maintenance won't affect our plants, will it ?
    "After a while"
    -I lost my plants because of maintenance.
    +Send a ticket then

    DEV <3 ME Episode 2
    -CS sent us this message
    +....(There's no answer)

    Thank you to everyone for supporting. I lost faith in the game. I've lost faith in the developers and the team members. This is my last message. I will stop using this forum. And after a while, I'll stop playing the game. I hope they don't delete this post.

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    is it really compensation if your seeking items you paid cash for?
    Buy credit pouches with real money, sell for flux. Buy seeds. plant seeds.
    Lose returns based on server issues.

    you just want your real cash value? that's not compensation, that's getting your expected return on cash investments.

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