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    If Credits/Cubits are missing, try to reload

    Logged in this morning to play for a bit now that things are up and going, but when I decided to buy some dragon coins to use with Luxion, found all my Cubits were missing, then noticed the credits I had leftover (only 101) had also gone missing. Saw the post about relogging if your Clubits were missing, so decided to try that and now getting "Lost connection to auth server." when trying to log in. Have tried restaring Glyph and computer. Anyone else getting that message?

    Edit: Wondering if this has to do with exporting my account to the PTS, going to try again in 30-ish minutes.

    Edit 2: Login issue resolved after a few minutes -- guessing this was either from the export or just due to high trafic. Cubits/credits returned after logging back in. All resolved!

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    I'm glad that this issue was resolved for you, I have edited the thread title to avoid any confusion for readers!

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