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    I agree with Insomniadic in 100%, really, small response or update on the matter would mean a lot to us, now it feels like you forgot about new update which is currently in test phase. On most of the bugs we forward here we don't see any attention from devs, text like "Thats not a bug thats intentional" or "Thanks for feedback" would show that you care that updates are polished so no game breaking bugs come to live servers.

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    Still does not work. Still no response. As usual.
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    Quote Originally Posted by whoops View Post
    Still does not work.

    Just to cinfirm I am not spreading wrong infos, I just retried it and can confirm that by 17th October 2019, this command is still not working...

    Quote Originally Posted by whoops View Post
    Still no response.

    This part is actually not correct, since we got a reply here. Though it can be missed easily, since this CM has not a green name:

    Quote Originally Posted by erinnyes View Post
    Hey peeps,

    This is a known issue but we sadly have no solution, YET!

    Please, until this is worked out, you will have to start with a new PTS character and level up. I know it's annoying but it's the only thing we can do for now.

    Thanks for your understanding and I'll keep you updated once we have a solution

    Quote Originally Posted by whoops View Post
    As usual.
    No comment...

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    Still not working
    Testing with a pre-eclipse account kinda sucks but the nostalgia was there i guess.

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    i still cant export my account... when you gonna fix that?
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