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    No Eta on the end

    No good reason for not having a eta.
    It's time we as a community from ps4 started talking about a new game.

    If it was a hardware issue they would have a eta, if it was a related to changing data same thing.
    No eta means they are all hoping a miracle happens and they are pushing all the buttons.

    I waited 2 days now I'd like to try a new rpg/morpg on the ps4.
    I'd like to try a newer title. What games should we try out as we wait?

    I have been all in trove so have no suggestions.

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    I'd like some suggestions as well. I spent the bigger part of yesterday downloading new games. I played for an hour or 2 but I wasn't really feeling any of them.

    That's my biggest issue, I am picky & weird with my games. I don't like most popular games & most people don't like the games I suggest. I'm an outsider even when it comes to gaming LOL

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    I started playing black desert on ps4. I like it so far. I stopped even logging into trove, it’s just not worth my time anymore. I still check the forums hoping for good news, never seems to come.

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    Have you tried Warframe? It's like night and day with how a free-to-play game should be run compared to Trove. Zero downtime, frequent updates with new content, near daily streams with giveaways.

    EDIT: Also, they're on the 'PC first, consoles after' plan too for the big updates, but consoles get the update two weeks to a month later, not six to nine months later. But for the smaller content drops, they've been doing them simultaneously across PC, XBox, PS4, and Switch.

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    Warframe headed there now since Im free atm.
    Thank you, Ill be sure to let you know if it was a good fit.

    black desert looks awesome 2..... oooo

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    Yo Ugly,

    Seems like you know better than our IT team on what should be done on the servers. Attacks on the team will no longer be tolerated and I hope you understand this.

    Not to mention that this thread has nothing to do with Trove PS4. Please either take it to the Off Topic section of the forum ( or Reddit.

    I will be moving this to Off Topic and closing the thread. Though, any other off topic threads will be deleted and further actions will be taken.

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