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Thread: PTS 4th "Gem & Gear Improvement" missing in Builder's Crafting Bench

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    PTS 4th "Gem & Gear Improvement" missing in Builder's Crafting Bench

    To kill the Leviathan I check my gear und gems for more light [http://forums.trovegame.com/showthre...toon-Leviathan]. 3 x C3 and only one is not max. pr 32k+ ...

    I want to check my Personal Chest for better gems, but now tab 2-4 was not able to unlock, I think this is temporarily, because it work before [http://forums.trovegame.com/showthre...er-every-login] and there are enough coins to unlock ...

    So I went to my pretty fresh PTS club to check the boosts on the gems ... and oops, yes I may be blind ... I could not find the bench, and I could not find where to craft it.

    I think it should be in the "Builder's Crafting Bench" in "Gem & Gear Improvement":

    trove pts 4thGemBench missing.jpg

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    Yes tabs 2/3/4 worked for a brief time last night then stopped being usable again sometime before I logged in this morning.

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    There is no gem bench under builder's bench. Instead you get the builder's crafting option within the builder's bench.

    Questline does update though if you become a member of a club and use their gem bench.

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