"Yes! We like it!"
"Yes! Now I will farm everyday to get those 2 pesky dragons like a piece of cake"

I do want to say, yes? But, I see it in this way instead:
1) It encourages you to farm Adventurites everyday.
2) It tries to make NPCs that ask you kill 200, 300 enemies being more.... useful (or "useful").
3) It does not want people only gather at Ganda NPC and sweep Adventurites like a joke, due to 1 hour before Ganda is "death".
4) It DOES NOT improve the frustration on having to change world so frequently, not to mention multiple clubs just to take as many quests before the real actions begin.
5) The most common 4 days when Trovians farm the most Adventurites, ST Day, Gem Day, Adv Day, Loot Day, will now gather less Adventurites than usual. This is due to club adventures limit, new Adventurite amount, RNG time to get new Ganda NPC, new Geode Outpost does not really compensate the amount that the Trovians usually farmed.

Imagine WITHOUT bonus, 60 is the average amount per quest that a Trovian farm before the Into The Deep update:
60 adv * 100 times = 6000 adv
(Not to mention you can take, for example, 15 MF, 10MF, ST in ONE run.)

With Into The Deep update, where the Trovian spent similar time as how they finish 100 club quests (ST, MF, Gems), to finish reworked quests where they get an average 250 per run:
250 adv * 20 times = 5000 adv
plus Geode 350 adv * 5 = 1750 adv
(You can only take ST, and ALIVE Ganda's MF in ONE run. Then switch world to kill 200 enemies or come back to do another SINGLE ST again. Despite you only need 20 times before you will done your job, don't get fooled that you farmed a lot than usual.

We still didn't know will the new quests be more frustrated to farm at, such as killing 200/300 enemies. (Pls, it is really... ...) If a Trovian accepted a common NPC kill 200 quest but suddenly a club got a Ganda NPC, shame on them; and even worse after an hour. Also, within the mentioned 4 days, most active Trovians will farm more than said 100 times, which will result more Adventurites than I mentioned.


These are the following suggestions that I STRONGLY recommend or considerate:
1) Common, uncommon NPC won't give quest that is TOO pesky such as "Killing 200, 300 enemies", or a specific enemy that took ages to find. One common reason why Trovian are hating those NPC is because they are too pesky and time consuming for LITTLE reward. This will also encourages a group of dedicated casual Trovians to lv their small club without nightmare.

2) Increase the Club Adventure Limit DURING Thursday; or increase the given Adventurite bonus from 50% (100% with Patron) to 75% (150%).

3) Increase the spawn time of NPCs, especially 1 hour Ganda joke to at least 2, 3 hours. So Trovians are not terrified if a specific club world is full for the first hour. Or introduce separated "Legendary Club Adventure" with 5 as a limit, but increase its reward, and convince Trovians that even an uncommon Adventure is still worth to farm.

4) Trovians can press P > The Gear Icon on their Club > Fixture to accept quest. Yes, accept quest from their own clubs. This give a reason why maxed club got a purpose to use Repose of the Heroes, to benefit their own club member for easy access to precious Adventure such as Ganda's Magic Find. Or anything that make world switching less painful such as:
- Ganda's 15 MF change to the below
- Ganda's 15 MF, after it is done, instead of decaying, it is transitioned into Ganda's 20 MF instead. Trovians still cannot accept Ganda's quest until it is cancelled or finished. Once Ganda's 20 MF is done, a new one can be accepted. Trovians have choice to either meet the extra 5 MF as requirement (which is easy with high MF+Patron) but get to stay in same world longer; or suffer through worlds again.