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Thread: Possible u10 bug

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    Possible u10 bug

    Not sure if this is a bug or not, but a minute or two ago I was farming u10 with my NN and Death-defying vial equipped. Started fighting a roaming miniboss(Shaped like a squishy green ball) and died-with 8 flasks remaining. Is this a bug or is the boss supposed to be able to hit through my flask without it triggering?

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    The giant green ball mob will deal massive damage after it charged up its attack, even if you have 1 M+ HP (that's what I do with my NN).
    The Mushroom Mob will also do the same.
    Death-defying flask doesn't 100% guarantee to trigger if you have low HP on some rare occasion too, such as my 600k Dracolyte randomly killed by Darknik Dreagnaut ultra while having DDV and Unyielding Emblem equipped, and is not under DD's burning ground or World-Ending Missle; or DOTM upperslash.
    It is a rare occasion, maybe got something to do with timing on the auto-flask usage function.

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    そのgreen ballモブは即死カウンター能力を持っています
    That green ball mob has instant kill counter ability.
    Instant kill effect is the same as DotM (ignore DDV auto-flask)

    Mob counter is activated when attacking 3 times while emitting VFX like image.
    Very similar to Chloromancer's subclass VFX.

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