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Thread: Mail System Idea

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    Mail System Idea

    Wouldn't it be good to have a Mail System in Trove?

    A Mail System would let you have the opportunity to send messages to other players even if they are offline and they would be abled to read them anytime when they come back online, exacly as Mail works. Also, this system could also be used to gift/send small quantities of items to a friend (for example, giveaway rewards) or for club invites, for example, if you have asked to join a club on the club Discord server (as it happen frequently lately) you would be abled to be invited without being online, and accept the invite when you want, invites will work only one time, and they can be disabled before the invited player accepts as the club might change idea about inviting him.

    Resumable in:
    Asynchronous messaging, trading and club inviting

    Also, this would require a new UI with a notification system, and could also be used for something different aside mails.

    Players should be abled to stop receiving mails from user/clubs ignoring them, or disable this feature in settings, if they want to.

    Also, a new log message would need to be displayed when someone invites a player with a mail or a player accepts a mail invite (like "X mail invited Y to join the club" and "Y joined the club with a mail invite (sent by X)") and also add the permission to send them to club roles.

    Make clubs capable of receiving mails, adding them the possibility to send donations (letting them to be claimed from officers/who has the permission to do it or adding a sort of vault/any other system), and messaging, so people will stop spamming in global "Can someone invite me to club X", and ask directly to the club through the game.
    The claim menů could be updated with this new interface, as you could get claims like gift mails (for example, mails with a gift, a title and no context would let you simply claim your item clicking on them, but as there is nothing to read, no other menů would be opened)

    What do you think? Wouldn't a Mail System be good in Trove? What you think it could be used for too?
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    This is a feature that should have already been in the game by now. Literally every other MMO I've played has a system close to or exactly like this. Trove always seems to be the odd ball and I constantly single it out when it doesn't have some of the standard things that you would expect from any average MMO.
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    At the very least we should have user profiles that allow you to put in Discord/Email/Twitch/Youtube/Etc.

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    I know this is off topic but could any of you help me with the new class idea that i wanna pitch to the devs?

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    No mail, it's just another avenue for exploiters to mess with things.

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    This is a great idea...for all the flux selling sites that is.
    Other than that issue, i don't think Trove could even handle this. Notice that the only updates we get anymore revolve around systems already in the game, and i think this is for the simple reason that this game is already dealing with all that it can handle without running even worse than it already does. Would have been a nice feature though.

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