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    I'd really like it if PS4 would stop going offline, I'm not sure about the other servers but it really does seem like PS4 NA servers are having the worst of it.

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    Last one before i sleep, in the past 20 or so minutes i've DC'd 4 times and tried logging in i lost count on how many times, keeps getting stuck at AS: Login now, pretty bad i'd say, I hope you guys can get it fixed soon enough best of luck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlankCanvas View Post
    From the posts I've seen it is all platforms that are having issues. The new servers are having growing pains it seems, and it might take time to work them out.
    no new servers. just problems and problems. loading screen problems crashes lag rubber banding and more loading screen problems like we cant do squat. especially if you tryna do shadow tower its like YEEEEET GO TO HUBHELL

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    do we share the same server as at least 2 other games? every time we have a issue so do 2 other trion games.
    guessing this is why we have lag at odd times normally. our game should be slow and lag free but one if the other games might be having thier equaling to out st day causing us lag.

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    Wink PS4 downtime

    The PS4 downtime lootbox could include another effigy in my opinion. Cant wait for the servers to go back online!

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    "PS4 US is back online, now that it is we will be monitoring connections closely"
    What connection!?? I don't have a connection haven't since Friday when it was supposed to be fixed...

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    Unhappy Help !

    help !
    We can not login the game, the server is down again!
    please we deserve attention and support

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    So whats going on now? I keep getting "Failed to connect to server." Message when i try to log in on PS4 NA are they doing more maintenance on PS4 NA servers or are they lagging that badly/having major problems logging in? I don't see anything new about it. I hope we can get some kind of information update soon and I also hope all this will be worth it. I am hopeful because if they can work out the kinks in the new server location and get the servers more stable than they were at the old location i'd be very happy.

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    Unable to log in, i have 40 minutes until another round of crop loss.

    13:00 did not make it in time, but was able to log briefly watered what was left.
    I have a question though how is a PS4 NA player who gets to log briefly occasionally supposed to compete on the Leaderboard?
    not of this world

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    Hello all! I am not one to post here at all but feel the need to. First off EU servers seem to be working just fine, great for them. Second, if EU servers are fine why not NA, o thats right they crashed a server to the ground in a move hence why NA servers are messed up. Beeeep happens when trying to save $ its understood! Third, NA habits are on the verge of all dissappering and our plants died but only got 10 golden cans to help that out. Many of us use the plant harvests to gain flux or make more habits. Why have you neglected to help in the habit or plant harvest matter???? I and many know beeeeeeep happens when trying to improve on old equipment but you are losing you income from NA player s who have played since beta times due to no communication updates on progress of servers and lack of reward. Yes game is free to play but at same time caring shows that you want the game to live on and get betterand attract more player hence more income! Your Letter of Intention or as I like to say Letter to Investers is good but if servers are not up and running on NA side then your Letter means nothing if you can not communicate n give prper competition out for the player that care!!!! I have way more to say but will stop here in hopes that thing will get better for NA servers and communication from you about them gets better and a good care package for the gardning part of the game is also included!!!! PS I have never said much about Trove but feel its only fitting my gamer tag has many feeling my name LOL

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