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    It's really hard to stay positive about all this when the devs continuously give us false hope without telling us what the issue is or how we could help them fix it. I'm sure if they asked the community to help pay for new servers or donations to get more stable connections there would be quite the surprise in people ready to help. I know I'd be first on the list to pay $150 to get a complimentary "thanks-for-your-help" mount to go towards the server stability.

    It would be unorthodox for a game company for sure, but I'm sure I'm not the only one out there thinking there's no game like trove and it deserves better than this.

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    Logging issues

    Yay, Trove is working much better now, Really big,

    PS: Now i can't log in again, had a pretty good day though, still pretty bad lag.

    not of this world

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