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    Extended Downtime Server Move - Aug. 27, 2019

    Hello Trovians,

    We have an upcoming extended (12 hour) downtime coming this Tuesday for all platforms, and want you to be able to plan ahead during our server move. Here are details on the downtime:

    Aug. 27 at 2 AM PDT / 11 AM CEST for about 12 hours.

    Wait, it's going to take about 12 hours? Yes, we apologize for the inconvenience and know there has been much downtime already from the past week, but this is our estimated downtime for this process. Last week downtime was due to changes on our online platform, whereas this upcoming downtime will be physically moving our servers to a new location.

    We'll let you know if the servers are online sooner or later than our expectations through the Trove forums and Twitter. Due to this much longer downtime, we have prepared a care package for Trovians and thank you all for your patience during this process.

    Super Care Package:
    • 3 Day Patron Pass
    • 30 Lesser Dragon Caches
    • 6 Empowered Gem boxes
    • 6 Lustrous Gem Boxes
    • 1 Streamer Dream 1 box
    • 1 Streamer Dream 2 box
    • 1 Streamer Dream 3 box
    • 1 Dev Dream box
    • 10 Golden Watering Cans (non-tradeable)
    • 1 Dragon Effigy

    EDIT: Moved the time to start one hour earlier.

    7:25 AM PDT EDIT: We're right on track with our server move so far and things are going well. We will keep you posted on any changes!

    11:35 AM PDT EDIT: Unfortunately we are experiencing some unexpected issues during the server move and expect an additional 4 hours of downtime to complete the process. We want to ensure a thorough job is done setting up the servers in a new location and appreciate your understanding.

    5:00 PM PDT EDIT:
    Our team continues to work on the server relocation - its been a very long day. Unfortunately, there was an unexpected issue with the new data center we are moving to that is outside of our control. This won't affect the game long term, but it is causing further delays.

    I'd love to give you an ETA, but with factors outside of my control, I can't give one with any confidence. As such, we need to keep Trove offline.

    Since the downtime exceeded our original 12-hour estimate, we'll be adding more to our original compensation plan. Once the move is complete, we'll reassess and update you all with the full details.

    But there is some good news! Our Public Test Server (PTS) is up with our next patch, Into the Deep. You can find the patch notes here. We invite you to come to check it out while we wait!

    Update: We do not have an ETA on when the server move will be done. We will be constantly updating you. Thank you for being understanding during this time.

    Update: We'd like to reassure you that the compensation will be given out to you all. It might take some time to set up after this maintenance but rest assured that you will be compensated!


    12:10pm PDT Edit: We have some good news! Our environments are back up and we're currently testing them. We're looking about 3 hours before Trove will be available to play. Compensation will not be available immediately after the servers come back up, but we'll get it to you ASAP! Thank you for your patience.

    2:30pm PDT Edit: The compensation has been adjusted and PC, Xbox, PS4 Europe servers will be unlocked soon. Due to a DDoS, PS4 US will be delayed as this has prevented our testing. However, we will be updating you with news up until the environment is unlocked. Additionally, compensation has been adjusted in this post to reflect the compensation that will be given! This compensation will not be available immediately, but will be sent shortly after server unlock. Please claim your compensation within a week!

    EDIT: 3:30 PM PTD: We are aware of issues changing worlds, and are working on the issue.

    EDIT 5:00 PM PDT: Sadly, we need to keep PS4 NA offline and don't have a specific ETA right now. We will add to the PS4 NA Care package, and keep the thread updated once we have more details.

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    Could give effigy, 12pm is a long time.

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    Mobi, any more details as to what exactly does it mean? Are the servers only changing locations (I assume it's the NA servers) or are we getting some better servers from a better provider? Will it improve the quality even slightly?

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    Does this mean better server stability?
    No more random lags or crashes?

    Or you just moving them across the room to a new set but the same old connection?

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    My entire day grind gone again, I would make enough for 3 months of patron :/

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    why in gathering day

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    I hope you're moving these servers to the trash, and purchasing new ones.

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    Well, I appreciate the advance notice - will try to plan it out so I don't break my login streak of 600+ days. ^_^

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    Who needs servers anyway? Put your backend on someone else's cloud and be done with it.

    @CM Mobi: can you please update the post. It's 1 Sep 2019, can't even log in to PS4 NA, twitter feed doesn't say anything and neither does the forum.

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    I hope you know "last time" something "this big" happened to the servers, 30% of the active players just got tired of the downtime and left to find new games. If you can really do it in 12 hours, you might keep some of them.

    I Do have to agree.. . the listed compensation is hardly worth it and adding an Effigy to that list would be decent. I have collected almost everything already without spending "cash", most of all of that stuff is totally worthless and useless. I cannot be the only one who feels that way.

    Good luck with the move however.

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