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Thread: Whats the plan for our plants after this delay?

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    Whats the plan for our plants after this delay?

    I'm not asking for anything but information on what the plan is here for gardens.

    Yes its a p2w game, yes its their fault, no we should not allow them to blame the new landlords. Yes this is a disaster but they are a professorial company who moved a multi million dollar item and botched it. There is no excuse but we did not care enough about this project to get it right.
    In business you don't get off with I'm sorry, you pull out your wallet and refund your customers when you have taken money in good faith and did not deliver what was promised.

    I personally have money and time put into plants that the delay in starting the servers back up have caused me to lose out on money.

    p2w players and f2p are equal in my eyes as far as respect and friendships etc etc but that being said as a p2w player who put money into game to buy items as a investment to make flux, what is your plan to make me whole and people in my situation?

    You guys added this time gated content that requires you to log in and take care of it everyday. You added this way people could invest real money and turn around for a profit via gardening.

    Not getting into detail on time/cost I personally put in to a investment crop for profit and cookie, I'm more interested in whats your plan on this? Do we all need to send tickets in for our crops?

    Are we all just out? Were not all out equal on this? No compensation package can possibly be correct for a person who has 1000s of dollars into your game and a player 1 month f2p into the game.

    My club invests heavy into habitats, we collect donations and have set people in charge of running the clubs 750 members garden. Is there a plan for people like my leadership team and I who are out huge gardening items? Our 750 members are made up of the top PR/mastery customers on the ps4.

    Again this is a p2w game and we have personal gardens and club gardens that 750 people donated into.

    Whats the plan for gardens? How do we get are money invested worth here?

    Yes I understand its still a ongoing issue, no not everyone that works there is involved, Yes I expect a multi million dollar company to be prepared. No I don't have to show compassion as its business at the moment as its about money put in the title good faith.

    I'm not asking for anything but information on what the plan is here for gardens.

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    The plan is...there will be a new item in the cash shop you must buy to kill all the weeds that grew in your garden during the downtime.

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