We have a hotfix coming to help fix an issue with Lunar Lancer's grapple in clubs and to prepare for Shadow’s Eve this year. Congratulations to House Carys for donating the most during Sunfest. The statue of the Sun Goddess has been rebuilt thanks to your generosity!

Patch Notes:
  • The Lunar Lancer Grapple should no longer sometimes stick around and prevent building.
  • The Shadowy Station is getting ready for Shadows Eve 2019. It has new sections that are waiting for this yearly event!
  • 2018 Shadowy Seals can now be used to craft candy corn.
  • Bewitching Howlug and Neon Hallowings now require candy corn to craft.
  • The Events section of the currency inventory has been moved to the top of the first tab. It should only be visible during an event when you have an event currency.
  • Old event items have been moved in to a new “Legacy” section of the Crafting Inventory.
  • The following items will persist in the Legacy section of the Crafting inventory:
o Diary Page 1/8
o Diary Page 2/8
o Diary Page 3/8
o Diary Page 4/8
o Diary Page 5/8
o Diary Page 6/8
o Diary Page 7/8
o Diary Page 8/8
  • The following items will vanish after the end of Shadow’s Eve 2019:
o Xinzaya's Token 2017
o Pirifario's Token 2017
o Formigon's Token 2017
o Mitaura's Token 2017
o Attepali's Token 2017
o Dirami's Token 2017
o Cygnus's Token 2018
o Tyssaldria's Token 2018
o Citaria's Token 2018
o Rilassi's Token 2018
o Hathath's Token 2018
o Zehira's Token 2018