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    Server Surprise Care Package

    Hello there Trovians!

    It's been one heck of a day getting the server maintenance in today, as we ran into issues we did not expect. Although this maintenance was specifically related to our server platform, we will have more news about content updates coming up soon. We are very glad that all platforms are up, but are still looking into log in errors that players are getting.

    We all wanted to hop in and play Trove as much as you do, and are very sorry for the inconvenience. We understand your frustrations and have issued a care package to make up for it.

    Anyone that had an account that existed before today will be able get the following fabulous items when they log in from now until August 28th.

    Compensation Care Package:
    • 6 lustrous gem boxes
    • 1 day patron pass
    • 1 streamer dream 3 box

    Thank you Trovians,


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    But what about the game update? There wasn't anything at all!

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