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    Oct 2017
    same here, on PC , EU
    Use this code if you are below 20 mastery.

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    when i try to login i have the error#2017 and if i reset my password i can log in but i trove say the server is not enable

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    i still can't login and if i change my password i login but if i try to play trove that say the server is down

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    I cant play because of this error. Can You help?
    My platform is Pc Steam and i play on europe

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    Jul 2016
    I'm having a strange situation related to this. Although I'm experiencing this error, I am able to fix this by changing my password. However, after a while, I need to log in again, and when I try to log in again using my same credentials, I get this error, where I need to change my password again. It gets annoying. Other relevant information: I am using the Steam client, and I am unable to link my Steam and Glyph accounts (I think in the past, I have done this? Not sure.) Also, when I get my password reset link, I also get an e-mail saying that Glyph thinks I'm logging in from a different place (I'm not) and sends me a six digit code to confirm it's me, but I am not given the chance to enter it and prove it is. It's really inconvenient. Any advice would be great.
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    Can't log in at all on NA PS4 servers, and when I do I get to play about 10 - 20 minutes or so flawlessly before I hit a lag spike and I'm booted from the server just to go back to the login screen for another hour and a half. not the exact same message when I'm prevented from logging in, but the bottom line is the same.

    I get the message:
    "Failed to connect to auth server. the server may be down for testing"
    "Lost Connection to auth server"
    and occasionally the game just gets stuck on AS: Login

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    the Netherlands
    Still got the same problem, no answer from support either.
    My alt can login, my main can't.
    #2017 error
    Get on it.

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