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Thread: What do you guys think about Titles?

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    Lightbulb What do you guys think about Titles?

    So I've had this idea for a while now but only ever talked about it with club members. I figured it was about time I see what other players besides my club members and friends tell me what they think. I'll be editing this post as I come up with more ideas for titles and make minor additions or tweaks to be addressed in the FAQ section.

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _________________

    Here's a small and simple FAQ for a list of some loaded question anyone might have.

    1) How does it work?

    A: Well it's simple. Get Final Tier Badges or Achievements and unlock Titles.

    2) What exactly do I mean by Titles?

    A: It's just as implied, Titles that can be unlocked and displayed under the name of your character or as a prefix/suffix displaying your prowess in a field.

    3) Why add Titles when we have Leaderboards/Colored Names?

    A: I thought it would be a cool idea to give EVERYONE a chance to earn something they can permanently have as a safe-keep rather than something they would have to continually work towards in order to maintain. Plus there are some Badges that really do deserve them in my opinion and would make a great addition when it comes to bragging rights or just simply showing off your achievements. And like I said, this will give EVERYONE a chance to get something to show off instead of limiting it to only 2,000 players like Leaderboards.

    4) Are Badges the ONLY way to get more Titles?

    A: Not necessarily, It could also be something given as a Mastery Milestone, hitting level 30 on a class, or just unlocking something like dragons for example.

    5) Would Titles also be included into Leaderboards?

    A: It wouldn't be any different from adding more Colored Names really, but if that's what players want, then I don't see a reason not to add them in there as well. Only these would be temporary rather than permanent.

    6) Wouldn't the addition of Titles, long or small be too obnoxious to put on display, especially in something like the chat?

    A: I suppose it would indeed be a problem if the chat was being taken up simply because someone's name/title was too long. But there could be ways around this. A good example is a checkbox that allows you to only display your own Title in chat or no Titles in chat at all. Likewise, options already exist to hide the names/sigils of other players, not just yourself and it's not like your PR/Mastery is shown in the chat at all and the Club Tag only shows in Club chat. The devs could probably just as easily implement a separate system for Titles if they wanted to.

    Ideas for Titles
    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _________________

    Now with that done, I've compiled a list of ideas for Titles. Let me know what you guys think!

    Obsidian Dungeon Completion Badge |Dungeon Crawler, "player name"

    Obsidian Boxes Opened Badge | "player name", The Living Loot Collector

    Exploration Badge (Complete every possible dungeon design across all Biomes) | "player name", The Cartographer

    Exploration Badge (Travel a total cumulative distance of 100,000,000 Blocks) | "player name", The Traveler

    Adventurer Badge (Trigger Magic Find 1,000,000 Times) | Luck of the Draw, "player name"

    Adventurer Badge (Complete 1,000 Outpost Adventures) | "player name", The Adventurer

    Adventurer Badge (Earn 1,000,000 Adventurine) | "player name", The Adventurine Dream

    Club Badge (Donate 100,000 Clubits) | Clubit Counselor, "player name"

    Club Badge (Complete 10,000 Club Adventures) | Club Quester, "player name"

    Obsidian Harvesting Badge | Farmer "player name"

    Obsidian Watering Badge | "player name", The Thirsty

    Obsidian Composting Badge | "player name", The Agriculturalist

    Gardening Badge (Unlock all Gardening Badges) | Master Cultivator, "player name"

    Dragon Badge (Unlock all non Primordial Dragons) | Dragon Tamer "player name"

    Dragon Badge (Unlock all Primordial Dragons) | "player name", The Primeval

    Obsidian Ultra Hydrakken Badge | Hydra Slayer "player name"

    Obsidian Ultra Dreadnought Badge | Dreadnought Destroyer "player name"

    Shadow Tower Badge (Unlock all Hydra/Dreadnought Badges) | Shadow Master "player name"

    Shadow Tower Badge (Defeat all Ultra Bosses 500 times) | "player name", The Final Boss

    Obsidian Rampage Badge | "player name", The Freedom Fighter

    Rampage Badge (Defeat a Gigastormer without taking damage) | "player name", The Amperium Menace

    PvP Badge (Play 1,000 Matches of PvP/Bomber Royale) | Field Veteran, "player name"

    PvP Badge (Win 1,000 Matches of PvP/Bomber Royale) | Warlord "player name"

    Obsidian Gem Forger Badge | "player name", The Perfectionist

    Equipment Badge (Find a Hat, Face, or Weapon of the highest possible quality) | "player name", Diamond in the Rough

    Equipment Badge (Fully upgrade a whole set of the strongest possible gear) | "player name", The One Man Army

    Masterful Achievement Badge (Reach Level 30 with all Classes) | "player name", Jack of all Trades

    Masterful Achievement Badge (Reach the maximum Total Mastery Rank Possible) | Grandmaster "player name"

    Masterful Achievement Badge (Acquire all badges and achievements possible) | "player name", The Completionist
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    Always like the idea of something like this but with club names added, you name will be pretty long an obnoxious, either in game or in global/club chat.

    But I do like "the final bose" as itll be very hard an give people something to aim for. If the idea of this came from runescape as they have a huuge list of titles to go for an I was actually thinking of an DiY/iron man mode for trove with separate leaderboards for those wanting to flex alil more hah

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    I mean, they have titles in most MMOs, so I'm not sure why they've not been added to Trove. I don't think it would need to be added to chat (as XxJoExX0 seems to be worried about), but would be neat to have something other than the PR crest and name colors (which aren't something that MOST players will have anyhow) to show off specific achievements to other players.

    Rift's title system would be neat here, having some options be prefix titles and some be suffix titles (ex. "Sir Trovius" and "Trovius the Ladybug Punter")

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    I'm all for it as long as they add the ability to scale the size of names/titles/sigils in user preferences.

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