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Hi GuysSorry for a bit of delay in responding to this. As I mentioned in a different thread I've been out of the office a few days (though Postcard and I have been discussing this thread this week).
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That Dev letter decides if they all get to keep their jobs lol.
Well this ones easy - though not sure at all what you mean by keep our jobs; it has nothing to do with that. ;) The letter talks about future content and, as as a public facing letter, we want to get it right. That takes time, especially in the summer with many other things going on. We are very close to posting it. :) I've posted many times here that gamigo is completely committed to consoles, and I meant it. That hasn't changed.Speaking of which...
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Something really has to be done about this.
We couldn't agree more. We have a fix thats through QA. It's a client change. To be completely transparent here - we are dealing with several major backend changes unrelated to this change, but conflict heavily with when we can get it deployed. You'll see downtime posts about them soon. If I had my way, you would have had this fix already, but theres been some factors (including external ones) that were out of my control. @Ugly: Could you please PM me the ticket number and any additional details about the LL issues you are dealing with here. To be blunt, it sucks, and I'm sorry.Thanks--Phantasie
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