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Hi GuysSorry, I was out of the office for a few days with a family issue. Back now.@Ocean Beach: What I would reccomend is either :
  1. Contact CS to have them give you your original email. Sadly, I cant do this for privacy reasons (I know this sucks, 99% of the people are honest, but we have to be cautious, so apologies). I can tell you the account you are logged into on the forumns is NOT linked to a PS4 account.
  2. Just re-link your account. You should be able to go to Link Account on the PS4 console (Main menu) and link/relink. Use whatever email you want, it would probably be best to use the same email you use on the forumns.
  3. PM me your ticket number.
@whatsworthYT: We talked over PMs - you should be all fixed up now.-- Phantasie
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