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Thread: Cant Buy Anything

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    Cant Buy Anything

    I tried to buy credit pouches and it says that it is under review and it has been like that for about 10 hours and it wont let me buy the credit pouches and the emails im being sent about what to do havent helped and i have no idea what im supoosed to do so that i can buy the credit pouches.

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    You really didn't give us any detailed information for trying to help you. Are you trying to make a direct purchase? or are you using a third party like Steam to make the purchase?

    In the past when I was having trouble trying to buy things ingame from Trion, I found out that it was an issue on Trion's side. I was trying to make a purchase for $99, and it would not go thru. I called my credit card company and they saw the transaction go thru from their side. When I made it a $49 transaction, it went thru. So in my case, it wound up being an issue on Trion's side and not my side.

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    You might check your credit card online and see if it has a hold on it. That has happened to me several times when using the Trove store. Normally you can just click something that says all the purchases look fine and they will release the hold in a few minutes.

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