Lack of support for club leaders in Trove.
Trove is mostly a social game with clubs being the backbone of this content.

Running clubs has a set of rewards socially for the president and leadership teams, that’s one reason why people run clubs. Either you find the type of game play/members in other clubs are not your thing so you start your own community run your way or you enjoy leading more then following. I’m sure there are 100s of other reason but lets just move on.

Top clubs level 11 with all fixtures, Ally Habitats and events/rewards insuring you have a steady supply of clubits coming in for the club is a ton of work. Most presidents find Trove to simple and needed something more challenging from the game.

I have now been running a top club on ps4 for 3 years and I really enjoy this and love the group of people I get to play with everyday. But I am now having a real hard time rewarding the people who help run the club and members who help the club out.

People all have promotions years ago, we’ve done Ganda give a ways, millions in flux giveaways etc etc. These are fun but also imposable to do as many as you’d like as these things cost time or real cash.

Streamer once got codes for styles, dragons and mounts were also handed out to key people to give at their will.
I would like to see a new system put in place for clubs that meet certain requirements for the president to be able to reward members or leadership team with.
This can be Pink names, style codes, mounts, special costumes etc etc. All with 0 mastery though. Presidents need something to reward people helping run the community.

Not many people will care about this post but again being a president of a very active club for 3 years my biggest frustration is having 0 ways to thank or reward my leadership/members.

Theuglyone PS4 Demons Of Valhalla