I've been seeing some really neat ideas for classes lately so I thought about throwing my own idea out there. The foundation for the idea is based around an earth type melee class with a slight focus on AoE skills. Let me know what you guys think!

Class Description: The Tectonic Tanker is a heavyweight class that specializes in Geomancy for both Heavy Defense and Harsh Offense. Using the power of the Earth and clad in thick, high density armor, the Tectonic Tanker is a force to be reckoned with on it's own. He springs into action with his fists bursting, more than happy enough to give any opponent a good thrashing through the ground.

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Basic Attack (M1) - Undermining Thrust: The Tanker hits his opponents with a flurry of downward thrusts and uppercuts that destabilize and diminish anything or anyone caught in it.

Effects: Every attack stacks a Disoriented debuff, causing enemies to deal 5% less damage and take 5% more damage. The stack limit is 3 and each stack disappears after 2 seconds. Repeated attacks refresh the timer.

Basic Ability (M2) - Seismic Singularity: The Tanker creates a geological singularity inside his own body using seismic energy. This allows him to coat himself in broad, heavy, Granite Armor which is able to absorb impacts and transfer some of the energy back to the Tanker.

Effects: Damage from all sources is negated completely for 1 second and is reduced by 20% for 5 seconds thereafter. Additionally 20% of all damage taken throughout the duration is returned back to the tanker as health at the end of the duration, i.e. if 1 Million Damage is taken total, You will be healed for 200K. And lastly, the ability applies an Exhausted debuff which will lower your Movement Speed by 20 and Attack Speed by 50%, this will last 5 seconds.

Ability Cooldown: 10 Seconds.

Primary Ability (1) - Quake Quiver: Using both of his fists, the Tectonic Tanker hits the ground in quick succession completely devastating all enemies within his immediate range.

Effects: Enemies that are within a 5 block radius of the Tanker are hit with a surge of seismic energy, consuming all stacks of Disoriented from all enemies and granting 2% damage as well as 5% health for each stack consumed up to a maximum of 5 stacks, in other words a total of 10% increased damage and 25% health returned max.

Ability Cooldown: 12 Seconds.

Ultimate Ability (2) - Tectonic Tide: The Tanker strikes the ground directly beneath him using seismic energy causing the ground to become dangerously unstable and creating a miniature earthquake that rocks enemies in the immediate range to their core.

Effects: Enemies within 15 block radius take a monumental amount of damage and consume all the stacks of Disoriented and heal the tanker for 50% of his Health. Additionally, the effects of Exhausted are halved, with the other half transferring to the enemy.

Ability Cooldown: 30 Seconds

Class Gem - Momentum Shift: The Tanker harnesses the seismic energy from Quake Quiver and stores it in his body for up to 3 stacks. Each stack increases the Damage Dealt for Undermining Thrust by 5% and Seismic Wave by 4% up to a max of 15% and 12% respectively. Effectiveness of healing is also increased by 10%. All charges are consumed when Tectonic Tide is used, increasing the damage of the ability by 10%.