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    Jul 2019
    OMG thanks everyone for the welcome! I appreciate the feedback here, but let's also keep it in forum threads so we can get better discussions for them.

    Also, all puns welcome here.. it probably won't be pun-ished

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    Since you're back with Trove, is it safe to assume the Creators Program is being looked at again?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SavageSergal View Post
    YES please Let us have a way for us to see who we banned from our club worlds so we can unban them if we want. Maybe a UI like Liked Worlds??

    Welcome back. Without divulging any information or spoilers beyond a yes or no answer....Is there future content for Trove coming OTHER THAN what Trion Worlds has developed that Gamigo is milking and giving us in small spoon fulls? Like actual new content?
    If you're in game don't change worlds because it's getting stuck at: World: Login

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    Welcome Mobi!!!

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    Hiiiii Mobi. Pls love me.

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