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Thread: Club Leader Spotlight - TheUglyOne

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    Club Leader Spotlight - TheUglyOne

    Hello, wanted to do this for some of the PS4 Leaders an their clubs. This idea comes from https://trovesaurus.com/ an their site owner Etaew which I'm sure might show up in chat. He interviews some of PC Top Club owners an I personally LOVED it an wanted to do it for PS4 with his permission and would say read their interviews aswell!

    This is going to be a LONG read Haha

    What can you tell us about yourself and your club?
    Demons of Valhalla is an end game club where we seek respectful helpful people over what might be considered the top end gamers now. We will take a great personality over great stats everyday.
    DOV has a great set of leadership staff. We seek out mature level-headed people with all difference of opinions so were not in agreement all the time. We want a set of leadership who respectful debate each other over topics regarding our club.

    We once welcomed all level of player but as hundreds of our members have moved on to end game level, we had to start limited the type of player we welcomed as newer people to the game where felling left out. It was hard at first to turn down people wanting to join us but as time went on, we learned this was a great choice and our club dynamics grew closer and more beneficial for all our members. PR leader board is something we watch for fun not for a goal and we have for the last 3 years been in the 3rd spot behind ps4s SR club and a legacy club. We are very proud that end gamers are finding the club we proved as a place they want to hang out.

    Where does your character name and club name come from?
    This will age me but from Homestar Runner by Mike and Matt Chapman an old web based comedy series. I used the name for WOW, and it has stuck since my early days playing games online.

    What's your favourite part of Trove? What keeps you coming back?
    The friendships I have made and my promise to run DOV my way. My favorite part of trove is the self made events our club has come up with. Example is chain blocks, we worked as a team for almost a year and a half to be the first ps4 club to collect all 12 chain blocks.
    We worked as a team to collect all the trophies in the game, we are currently working on 1,000,000 clubits as our next goal passively. All events or goals that require teamwork are what I really like in trove.

    How did your club start out? and when did you start being responsible for it?
    Just after beta the club I had been a part of the leadership team owner just left the game one day and never came back. I had a group of friends by chance end up in a ST that combined with another ST one day. This was fate that a glitchy ST started everything in motion. The group we combined with were talking about looking for people to help build their club
    Long short story we all became friends and joined the 1 club all together called Demons of Valhalla. They had a club we could use as the owner was not gone and we started to bring all our members over. When we joined DOV had 6 members, the group of us in less then a week had invited 750 people to join the club and DOV was really born. We went to the hub and just invited every person that moved for a week.
    I have spent the last 3 years removing and adding members everyday. I was responsible since the day I joined, the owner and I had an agreement to share the role of leader. I fully took over not to long in as DOV became very popular and most of my team were not up to run just a busy club

    Have you managed clubs / guilds in other games?
    Yes, in WOW I was running a molten core group when that was the end game, in FFO I was part of a leadership team that specialized in combat mechanics and ran a school teaching player the very technical aspects of that game.

    Which other clubs would you like to highlight and why?
    There are many, especially after ally habitats where put in the game and people’s real community spirit has been shown. I will not name names for fear of leaving someone out.

    What is the most challenging thing about running a community on Trove?
    The cost. Trove does 0 to help the pillars of the community who everyday put in time and money into running the games social aspect. Quick example of cost in running a club, last week at least 100 hours between myself and my leadership was put in planning and handling club items. In the last weeks I personally have spent over 50 million flux, gave away a ganada and expect 0 in return but I’m answering the question. That’s not the hardest part, the hardest part is knowing your leadership is doing the same. Example, 1 of my VPs just in the last few weeks has put 100s of hours and 10s of millions of flux into our club trying to keep us at par or surpassing other clubs. I have 0 way other then saying thank you to these people and that’s hard for me as I feel these pillars of our club deserve recognition for the things, they do of their own free will. Its very frustrating.

    How do you like the current Club Building and Management tools and what would you like changed?
    I would like to have more roles. After 3 years we have had 100s of members be in the club for years and they are grouped up with newer players. I would like a few more roles available.

    How do you find the Club Adventures and Fixtures?
    Love and hate them. The ones that are set up right feels good to use or do. More then half can be deleted from the game and no one would notice. I feel like they have been abandoned and not updated. My club is about to have 1,000,000 clubits and nothing to spend it on. We have rent for 500 years…. Quests need to be repeatable and we need a ton of new fixtures.

    What advice would you give to people looking for a Club or thinking of starting a new Club?
    Are the leaders active and really leading? Is your chat respectful and focused on your club and the game? Any level of club can be fun to join, the people make the club.

    BIG thank you to TheUglyOne for answering an giving great replies! I'm going to be doing more leaders so if you want me to interview you message me on PS4 @Send_pet_pics! Or in the comments!

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    Your a amazing guy Joe. You really know how to make a person feel good.
    Thanks for reaching out and asking the questions, It was fun to think back at some of the clubs history.

    We have 100s of great stories, with 750 members over 3 years... its been one great ride that I hope does not end anytime soon.
    Ill send pet pics once I find the best ones. Only the best pet pics for you sir.

    Hope others reach out to you as I would love to hear from a lot of the ps4 clubs.

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