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Thread: Kahramet

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    Question Kahramet

    So I unboxed a dragon called Kahramet in some box (I forgot it's name but I got a lot of dragon coins in it, and I got it from the starter pack)

    I was just wondering if this dragon is rare and if I should've sold it instead. It falls under the "Legendary Dragon" section in collections so I assume it's rare.
    Is this something you always get in the starter pack or is it hard to get?

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    Everyone gets the same thing. Some packs, not all, and I don’t know about this one, don’t have sellable versions.

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    rule 1. If you don't have it. Eat it.

    you never sell or trade anything you don't have yet.
    you only sell your 2nd etc of items. Yes ganda to..
    You never know if you will get this item ever again... eat it if you don't have it is a rule you need to go by.

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