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    Quote Originally Posted by TJ13 View Post
    July was only 1 time.

    July 12th

    August will now have 3 times.
    August 2-5th, 16-18 and then 30th-1st Sept.
    No, this won't happen unless devs want to make up for the "Luxion was actually here twice this month" that gedc is referring to. TECHNICALLY, he was here July 1st until 11 AM UTC...so he didn't lie. EVERYONE knows though that he should have returned on the 26th, since Luxion RETURNS to us twice a month, not every other week, which is why you won't see him 3 times in August.
    Why did he not return on the 26th? Only the devs know, and they also know that him still being here on July 1st did NOT count toward him returning twice a month. They COULD however hand out dragon effigies to make up for this, and i'm sure all would be forgiven!

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    I FOUND HIM!!! I caught him with my Poke Ball and brought him to the hub for you guys. You're welcome

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    I'd expect these items coming soon™ from luxion

    plus Chaotic Pinata Mount, which was in a pack that was retired in Oct?

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