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    World Login Finished

    Jesus this ****'s still not patched? I've been here for like 10-20 minutes now just trying to start the game, and none of my friends are willing to go onto Trove so I can join them. Is there any way to fix this?

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    Hey Darkfire12,

    Could you please give us more information about your issue?

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    Quote Originally Posted by gedc View Post
    Hey Darkfire12,

    Could you please give us more information about your issue?
    I'm assuming he's referring one of the various world login issues. I probably can't list all the reasons this happens but there used to be an old bug that players used to attack other clubs where they would create a new psn account, /joinworld a club and then press the psn home button and either close the application or keep it suspended. Idr which, but basically it kept every player in the game from entering the clubworld again until weekly reset. In 2017 people kept doing it to all the clubs and I couldn't enter Ashes for a solid 2 months.

    Long story short, if you tried to join these bugged worlds then your game would freeze and when you closed the application and tried to enter the game again then you'd just sit at the title screen and it would say "world login finished"... Idk if this is related or not, but i've heard reports of players not being able to log out in certain areas of clubs anymore or they get the same issue as the old bug. This actually occurs for a few people in some of my recent builds, I'm assuming it's due to sheer size and volume of blocks, because I didn't use many animation blocks or decor.

    When Darkfire12 says none of his friends are willing to invite him... he's referring to how to get around the bug. He literally can't play the game unless he uses a friend's invite to another location in the game. OR, join a psn community and join on 1 of them.

    It's a very frustrating issue when it happens. Especially discouraging to new players who don't know the workaround to play the game when they literally can't login. Ever. Lol.

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