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Thread: Promo code redemption jank

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    Promo code redemption jank

    So way back in 2015 when I played on PC, I had redeemed a Trance Sphere(and have proof, but am new to the forums so I do not know how to post it) but when I transferred to PS4 it did not remain while all other codes did. Is there some pc-exclusivity or is it just an error?

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    I believe codes are used first on whatever platform you log on.

    As you said you played on PC all the promo codes would be on your PC account.

    Now if you linked Glyph and PS4 then any new codes will have option to go to any platform.
    However once you log on it will be used up.

    Example if you won the Hyper Pin EX and got the code but want to use it on the PS4 you would have to enter the code then log onto the PS4 before any other platforms to gain it. If you log onto PC then PS4 it will be on PC.

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