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Thread: Emblem Bug?

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    Emblem Bug?

    The classes which I did not equip any emblem on seem to only equip 1 emblem at a time whereas the classes I had already equipped emblems on seems to work perfectly. Also it also seems impossible to unequip my banners. I've tried repairing and reinstalling the game countless times already. Does it has something to do with the classes that I am unaware of?

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    Are you using any mods that might be messing with the interface or the UI? I had this problem myself since I was Using the Dark UI Pack Parts 1&2 rather than all the individual Mods. The pack was outdated and wasn't going to receive anymore updates so I just downloaded the individual mods separately. That's fixed the issue for me ever since.
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    Did you have mods for changing the UI of Class Status (Key C) ? Try update it or disable the mod, the bug appear due to additional item in the UI (e.g. Food)

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