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Thread: Forges?

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    Hi all, I have hit a snag in trove ps4, and I was wondering if anyone could help me. I had stopped playing trove a while ago and I came back and all my forges are gone, so I tried to craft them all again but they just disappear, the game takes my resources and doesn't give me the item. I have ensured that I have sufficient inventory space and I checked all my inventories, any idea whats going on?

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    I am unsure if it is different on ps4 compared to xbox but sometimes when crafting items will occasionally not show up in the inventory, no matter how many of said item you craft. While the item does actually craft, it just doesn't show up. Usually, at least in when it happens to me, Fully restarting trove from dashboard should make the items show in your inventory so you can use them.

    As for the ones that you used to have that have disappeared you will probably need to submit a ticket for those. There have been quite a few updates, and some of them have had instances where the worlds / cs's have been affected as a result (such as people doing dupes and getting worlds rolled back/ server roll backs , or the instance where cs's disappear for no reason and need to be recovered entirely). If they were placed in a club world where others have access to it's possible they could have been removed at some point. On the bright side, Forges are fairly low mat req's to re-craft.

    -more or less, if fully restarting trove from dashboard doesn't make them appear in your inventory when you re-log in, you should submit a ticket so a dev can take a look at what's going on ^_^


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    Ah I see thank you so much, I did log out and return to the home page of the PS4, I closed the application and logged back in and they still weren't there, so unfortunately I am going to have to submit a ticket. Thank you again for the help!

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    you have 3 inventory areas.
    list of materials

    could you be looking in your main not your build inventory?

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    Nope I was aware of the different inventories and I was checking all of them. The items aren't in my personal chest or inventory. On top of that trophies that I used to have, have disappeared so I am submitting a ticket.

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    Thank you everyone, I have figured it out, I apparently had two backpacks and everything was going there... Either that is new or I never took notice to it before. ��

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