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Thread: Suggestion - Idea of making ST Hubs alive

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    Suggestion - Idea of making ST Hubs alive

    Hello everyone,,
    I guess when we review the ST Hub, most people will say that is a failure
    cuz there are no one using that room
    and 80% of the visit of that room is mispress the button at the portal user interface
    10% is for visit the vendor,
    5% is for fishing and
    5% is the real user of the room

    Why dont we have some suggestion for the dev to make the ST hub alive?

    Idea 1 - Boss display

    I know all 4 direction stages in the room are occupied by 4 difficulties of st
    but new Uber 10+ is coming and may be Ultra+ ST too

    Therefore if more stages is added in the future
    i hope that one stage will be made as a "boss showcase"
    there will be a 1:1 boss standing there still with just the idle animation but no attacking
    so player can have a good look for the boss ( for the designer hard work )
    or club players can take a team photo with the boss in the background ( when their club building is so humble to be background)
    or people can make some awesome screen shot acting fighting the boss

    me seriously played trove for 3 years and never knew how exactly the detail of SW or WP

    you dont need like 6 stages to show all bosses,
    you can have just one stage to show 1 boss a week and take turn

    Idea 2 - Training room

    May be we can have a section in the room that having
    a DD's nuke launcher launch nuke regularly
    or a dotm lightgate slash simulator do the slash regularly
    so people can practice the dodge or shield timing for the nuke.

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    I really like the idea of a training area, and would love for it to include something like fast respawning training dummies with resistances and hp of normal, elite, and boss level enemies from each difficulty to test out your damage on.

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    I think this would be a great idea if the Shadow Tower is ever reworked or touched on to some degree.

    I would like to add to the training arena, which is a really good, really interesting concept.

    What if there was a staircase leading upwards from the center of the room onto a platform above, hanging from the ceiling by chains and filled with "Training Portals". Portals that take you straight to the Boss, where you can hone and sharpen your skills. The Drawback obviously being that these Boss Kills wouldn't grant XP, Rewards, or a Chest at the end. But opening the Portal is free AND if you die you don't lose Magic Find or anything. You start back up with full health/flasks and any food eaten inside the Pinnacle won't be consumed (The Effect ends if you die inside the Pinnacle or Leave).

    Every kill could even grant you a "Training Token" in substitute of actual rewards. The Training Tokens could be spent on things like cosmetics and styles that don't grant mastery, or just be used for minor buffs in the real Boss Rooms. Not sure how well this would work, but it's just a thought!
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    The Training room idea sounds awesome!

    It would help with teaching people the boss mechanics - such as how to tank dread or effective fighting style against dotm should the tank/ heavy hitters get ko'd for whatever reason. Many times when running groups that don't have experience with those two in particular -and lets say something goes wrong- they end up getting adrenaline rushes and running in circles around the room, making the boss hard to hit and extending the fight time/ irritating those that do have experience with the boss. It would help get the 'OMG ITS TARGETING ME' feeling out of the way, since they would have been able to train that response out.

    Though if a training room ever does get implemented it would run into the same issue as the current event has -people start the skull, others spawn in (and thus lowers the dps of those fighting the boss) dead waiting for it to end. To combat this something would need to be in place that if the skull has been started then no one else would be able to spawn into that world, instead being taken to a new room where the skull is still intact. To prevent player aggravation and constant complaints about spawning in dead/ already in progress fights over and over and not getting the chance to actually train themselves, plus in st's lets say you have a team with just 1 of x class, that class gets a bonus; now lets say a bunch of people spawn in after its started and end up dead but are the same class, they would take that bonus down, lowering the damage capabilities of the group fighting the boss and therefore making the fight harder; though that is on the assumption that the boss's would be the same difficulty of the actual bosses based on norm/ hard/ ultra levels.

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