The golden vale fragments as a rare drop are a little absurd on the golden ticket chests. The drop rate for the chests is pretty low and it take 70 chests to reach karma. Getting 10 golden vale fragments feels like a slap in the face, since you can get 10 of those fragments by throwing one bomb on a Friday. I also agree that the number of bound brilliance that we get as a rare drop from the greater geodian caches needs to be looked at. Those caches are expensive, and one bound brilliance is a bit underwhelming. Ten I think would be more appropriate, but that is just my suggestion, and ultimately it will be up to you to decide.

The Dragon Weekly Deal contains a Golden Dragon Effigy. The Geodean Weekly Deal is lack lust in comparison, as it only contains a Silver Companion Egg for the same price as the Dragon Weekly Deal. I would recommend that this weekly deal have a Golden Companion Egg instead of the silver. This will inevitably increase the amount of people who will buy this deal, and in turn will increase the amount of credits people spend money on.

Is it time to consider a Golden Companion Effigy yet? Geode has been out for over a year now, and we already have a Golden Dragon Effigy. A Golden Companion Effigy would work the same way, unlocking any companion you do not already have (common, uncommon, or rare).

The new event boss was a great idea, however there are a few issues. If someone triggers the skull before other people go through the portal they spawn in dead already. This has been an issue that many people are very frustrated about. The idea here is to do as many of these bosses as possible in the 20 minutes we get once every three hours. The problem is people are spawning the boss by themself and are not able to kill it while seven other people are waiting dead in the lobby. People are using this game mechanic to grief other players by trapping them there and running down the clock. It is also nice to see ten addition of some banner that are used outside of PVP, as banners are something I have seen a lot of people asking about in chats. I would suggest that the radiant banners loot collect for two Golden Ticket Chests instead of just one like the Shadow Level 5 ones do however. This would give them value beyond getting the first one for cosmetic purposes. As they are am uncommon drop it would not be to overpowered.