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Thread: new glitches

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    new glitches

    inventory when you have food does not work.
    inventory resets to top

    augmenting gems is very glitchy, jumping around as you try and select a gem. Can't augment atm.

    leader boards, double issue as summerfest is partly ruined.

    Visual glitches are getting more common

    LL club glitches are popping up everywhere now. Your top clubs have these unusable areas in hubs. This is a major issue waiting to happen and as more trolls learn about this rip every club.

    not a glitch but a major issue is the trove carpet, remove mastery from this or make it available in game. your top players who don't have this, there is 0 point in trying to get max mastery.

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    Looks like Trove is still the same old glitchy game it always used to be when I left.
    I remember the visual glitches and the credit duplication from over a year ago. Visual bugs took more than a month to fix, they never did a rollback with the credit duplication even when more than 50 people begged for it on the forums, and inventory had always been a problem for me when I played (selector warping to the top).
    Also, let's not forget that I sent them a customer ticket, they said that they'd look into it. It's been over a year now and still no response...
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