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Thread: Please add Superstition to no-stat Banners

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    Please add Superstition to no-stat Banners

    ,,Moontouched Battle Standard" (Shadow rarity drop),
    ,,Banner of the Moonlit Menace" (Radiant rarity drop) and those final house rewards
    ,,House xxx Battle Standard" of the 3 houses (Epic rarity reward of the Event quest series) are all Banners that currently give no stats.

    But why leave it blank?

    Instead, we could have those Banners with currently no stats give us 10 Superstition each. The less rare ,,Moontouched Battle Standard" would get only 5 Superstition though.

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    why though? lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by ovaeon View Post
    why though? lol

    Because those banners makes you *feel* to be stronger.

    A feeling. An imagination. A believe in something. A superstition.

    Because it fits perfectly.

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