how i uncovered this glitch: (devs take action before people exploit and destroy the economy)

i were afk (i was getting groceries)

i came back, loaded in a very busy hub (it was laggy!)

i saw i had sold items, my penta souls sold, i had only 25 in my inventoy.

so i had 100 sold pentas, i renewed them and then i refreshed my page, encountering that i could still renew sold pentas.

so i renewed all 10 listings (earning 120k flux and losing 0 pentas)

steps to possible encounter this glitch:

1: get kicked to intro screen for afk
2: login again
3: once in the hub, renew items (pentas?) in the marketplace you sold.
4: check for missing items, i had none missing, and had 120k flux added.

currently the economy seems fine, so not many people are aware of this.