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Thread: Can't interact with any house (Sunfest 2019 event)

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    Angry Can't interact with any house (Sunfest 2019 event)

    So twenty minutes ago i bought first banner, equiped it and can't interact with any house npcs. After 5 minutes of hub switching (via reconnect), i opened dialog with 'join adventure' button once. I clicked it several times but nothing happened. I tried to reopen the dialog but i couldn't interact same npc for some reason. After 15 minutes of switching hubs i gave up

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    I can confirm this issue. This seems to be exspecially the case in crowded Hubs.

    Some janky solutions right now are 'wait in front of the NPC until the world is empty enough'.

    People tell you to literally just go and watch some youtube until the NPC in front of you finally realizes that you are indeed having epquipped the correct flag.

    Here a screenshot that shows me using the correct yellow flag in front of the NPC and the NPC tells me to epquip the flag that I am already using right now:

    I like the idea with fractions, but this is in deep need of a fix!

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    There was an announcement saying "The Hub Champions might take 5-10 minutes to notice your banner". This is very untrue when I was in Hub with only 3 Trovians, where a Trovian and I stuck on using any of the Carys Champions due to another Trovian being AFK there like 10 minutes for opening the trading dialogue. Please check if those NPC are even limited to interacting 1 Trovian each time. Thanks!

    Update: I have been observing on Hub... I can use the NPC when it is crowded. They sometimes might go in "Detecting" mode either other Trovians are using them or not. But when I jumped to second hub where there are more Trovians interacting, the "detect" mode comes back more frequently. So I am very doubt that it has something to do with it. Not to mention some NPC went randomly invisible for brief moment. Can't give further info unless the devs look into the codes or test them by themselves.

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