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Thread: Worstest Sunfest Event Of Trove(Also except criticism about updates/ events)

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    Worstest Sunfest Event Of Trove(Also except criticism about updates/ events)

    Hello all,

    I would like to start with "Greetings, Trovians!" but eh i cannot do that because i guess someone not trovian specially from Gamigo/ devs.

    Since Gamigo started make new updates, i didn't writed anything about this updates because i wouldn't make a complain about this things and hey this is a game and every game have bugs/ glitches right? But at least other games' contests and events good so people don't care bugs because like i said every game have less or much bug but the importing think is getting fun from game(s).

    In fact people want more funny, various, good and strong contests/ events. They don't want "Kill *** enemy at *** biome / Defeat * Star dungeon ** Times - Reward = 15x Diamond Dragonite" I mean c'mon, who want make this "quests" and for this "rewards"...

    I just want add some points about New Sunfest Event and will try to understand their minds/stragety.

    Before all firstly;

    * Gamigo keeping say "We will keep Trove alive and won't kill/ shut down Trove" well this is nice for all because we want play Trove right?

    But we couldn't see any good updates or at least me. We got this year's big update(year's theme) and it was Gardening 2.0, going green.

    Ehm i mean really?

    I could say "If you like to make Gardening, you can play farming simulator or hay day" but the point is making "constructive criticism" so i cannot pass that with saying it.

    Well this is Trove and have so much way on play type so i am sure someone like gardening or doing regularly gardening but making "Year's Theme" for a game just 1 little category "NOT" enough. I mean if you want make Gardening 2.0 or something, you were should add more something to make it a "year's theme".
    I mean idk add Building category or Club's 3.0 or adding Villages & Villagers(in short NPCs) you could make it with Totally 2.0 update like Trove 2.0 and you could make update on so much think and with this way you could make more player happy.
    You can say "If we gonna make something like that still all players will not like it" Yes, i am totally agree. I already didn't mean you can comfort all players but spending 1 year just for a gardening?
    Ehm, is it smartest move or not, i am not sure. It is just seems to me "We did this year's update for don't say `we didn't make any update this year`".

    Is this being keeping game alive? or making boring players and losing players/killing game indirectly?

    Do you think high rank players leave from game just because bugs? No!!! They do because they cannot see any good content/ events. They want new somethings. Like new ST, infinite ST, ... I mean people want a new and good updates, none of saw it before.

    Let's talk about sunfest;

    * At last year's sunfest, we were missed(or at least me) Pinata Coin Market NPC and we were expecting get this NPC this year because Fasti were told like that but i cannot see this NPC at the hub.

    * Donation Box at the Hub... Where you got this damn idea...It is totally scrap. not 1:1 not even 1:2 or 1:3 also don't give them to your inventory just spawn at the hub. You cannot cut even your pinatas, other people getting it's rewards.

    *New NPCs at the hub, sorry but, they are totally suck. All buggy.

    *Didn't you said "We will remove pinata coins after this year's sunfest" but i seeing kinda new type of pinata coins so can i ask "What type of irony is this?"...

    *This year's invader drops suck, totally trash. If you gear new banner, you have a chance for drop banner's kind coins from invaders. No pinata drop, no wing drop(or at least i didn't see), no mount drop(or at least i didn't see) and i guess Golden Ticket Boxes drop(which is only worth to farm for people but low drop rate or If you have "Newbie luck" you can get the lucky and u just gonna trash it because you don't know it's worth!!!)

    *No drop pinatas from invaders(i know i writed that at the up but this is sunfest man you need kill tons of pinatas) I mean okay i know celebratory pinatas are suck and trash i know but at least we were getting coins from it and buying somethings from NPC at the Hub so this were making us happy(or at least me) and we were making very big pinata parties.

    *I see you tried make new something, idk maybe worked on other players but i didn't liked it so much but at least you tried new something right? Wait, or did you? Can i give you a hint or suggestion? Please stop using same models with changing colors, it is not worth or funny. Maybe it is hard/(or u lazy) to make new models for every event but there is tons of modders in Trove Community and they like waiting for help to you. I think you can get some help from they. Don't tell me please "We already getting 1 dungeon design from they" omg. It is just like 1 new dungeon at 1 year.

    At the end i just waited for Sunfest event since last year because in my opinion sunfest is most playable, funny, good/ great event and i am sad for it is got killed. No fun, no pinata, no pinata coins, no pinata coin npc, no profit/ flux so nothing. Well at least we got a sweet turtoise at the event's questchains so at least we gained 50 Mastery Point but that's all. Nothing more or less.

    Thanks for readed and sorry for my trash grammer.

    If you don't understand somethings on text tell me and i can try say/ explain it with different words.

    Also my main purpose not trying to make people enemy to Gamigo or devs, i just wanted to arouse Gamigo/ devs.

    Don't forget leave comment and say your ideas/ agrees/ disagrees.


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    Hiya - I just want to address some of those points you posted. You don't have to agree with my views, but please hear me out. ^_^


    My opinion of this event is that it's a pretty well designed one. I see some work has been done on new systems (at the very least, new to me) and it's done in a way that I find reasonable and fun. I'm probably going to be playing quite actively every day while it's here.

    If there was anything I could change about it, the Golden Vale dragon fragments really don't need to be in the Golden Ticket boxes...especially as a "Lucky" tier prize (it doesn't feel like a prize to most players at all). I'd rather see that replaced with like...5 more golden ticket boxes or something, if you still need a lower-end Lucky. Likely too late to change it for this year but perhaps looking forward for next year. :P


    Now to address specific points:


    - "More fun contests/events/quests"
    It seems you're the kind of player that enjoys Trove because you get to kill lots of enemies. Perhaps the Mysterious Portal part of this event might appeal to you then? You can essentially get a golden ticket box for every boss kill you do in the time the portal stays open (loot collecting the banner drops afterwards). This Mysterious Portal is also mandatory to get the two Moontouched Strongboxes each day with pretty hefty rewards in them. 10 Strongboxes gets you to karma, which we're pretty sure will drop the Spawn of the Moontouched Menace mount. The golden ticket boxes are also pretty well worth the grind - dragon coins, style/recipe/mount stashes, and the very rare prizes of hyper pinata EX + gold companion egg.


    - "this year's big update being Going Green"
    I doubt anybody really saw this as a "big" update - okay, it introduced a couple new things (like the Food slot on your character page) but the mastery chase was really not all that long for those with resources to burn on rushing it. I'm pretty sure people had cleared 100% of the mastery it brought in within a couple weeks (finding the ally habitat rares is going to be a royal pain in the rear now, though). Besides, the year isn't done yet and I'm sure there'll be something planned closer to the holidays (December in particular would be my guess).


    - "pinata coin merchant NPC missing"
    He was there last year. I picked up my mounts from him then.

    - "donation box / no lootable pinatas"
    This is probably so people can't store up literally THOUSANDS of these things to then throw all at once later and stress the server to its breaking point. Having the donation box be in the public hub means that other players will likely break them as they appear to keep things from getting too out of control (unless you deliberately wait for an empty hub).

    - "NPC's are buggy"
    This actually just got hotfixed, hopefully.

    - "adding more Sunfest event currencies while planning to remove Pinata Coins after the event ends"
    Chances are they're going to be removing both the Pinata Coins and the new tokens from player inventories at the same time, after this event is done.

    - "invader drops are trash"
    Uh...no, they're really quite decent. Just because they aren't dropping Celebratory Pinatas doesn't mean you aren't getting stuff. The coins now just come as a direct drop while you wear your house banner, no middleman pinatas to bother with. They do drop sparkler wings. The golden ticket boxes don't seem too ridiculously rare, maybe around 5% if I had to guess. Haven't found any other special loot yet myself, but I'll be hunting down more of those invaders for sure!

    - "reusing assets / doing recolors"
    There are likely various reasons why assets often get reused in MMO games; one reason I suspect is that less development time spent making that stuff means more time to work on other parts of the experience. And while Trove is somewhat unique in that it does pull from the creativity of its playerbase at times, I don't think the devs want to become overly reliant on unpaid player modders to create this game's content for them.

    - "no profit/flux"
    *stares at rare decorative house banner drops on the marketplace*
    *stares at dragon coins from the golden ticket boxes*
    *stares at Moontouched Strongboxes containing things like lustrous boxes as a common reward*


    I definitely agree that players want to see new things. I myself have been hoping to hear some news about something truly new coming in the next content patch, even a teaser of what we might expect so that we can talk about it. Faith's been wavering at times but currently it's pretty strong. I like the new systems on display here - has there been any conditional interaction or loot drops before that are based on equipping a specific item? It seems to work well enough (early glitches with NPC's aside) and I could see this being used again in the future.

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    I've personally really enjoyed the Sunfest event. The quest chain wasn't overly grindy, and the repeatable daily quests (Moontouched Menace and 15 Invaders) give decent rewards for the time spent. I like the moontouched menace fight, and while it's not complex, it's a fun way to feel like you're earning your rewards. Having banners that can be loot collected into loot boxes was a great idea, and I'm very happy to see in-game currency methods of purchasing event coins, rather than store packs that we've seen in the past. The pinatas from donations are also an interesting mechanic, though it would be neat if overal donations from each house had some sort of competitive daily awards -- something minor, but awarded to all players who joined that house (or maybe all players who donated at least 1 coin for that house, as I'm not sure how the house membership is tracked).

    While it was pretty buggy during high-population times, the "faction" mechanics are a really neat approach, and could potentially lead to some interesting competitive PvE content (completing content in certain areas to earn points for your faction), and I really love the PvE banners, and think the slot could really be opened up for some neat costume pieces (sheathed sword on the back, quiver, cosmetic/novelty wings, etc.) -- it could function as another customization option. I'm a little disappointed that the event cakes will go "poof" when the event ends, because I was VERY happy to see a food that included a move speed bonus (and stacking that with the banner bonus has been really nice so far for farming speeds). I'm hoping we'll see more foods become available (or, even better, maybe we'll see improved bonuses on the foods we already have).

    I'd love to seem more things like the Moontouched Menace fight in the future, maybe even included some more "risky" mechanics from things like the darknik dreadnaught (phys/magic shields, area denial, and insta-kill abilities) for more challenging content that could still be accessible to low-level players and high-level players alike.

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    Let us rename the topic title to 'Sunfest Event Feedback Thread'.

    So while others will definitelly find stuff to pick on, I can tell that i LOVE this event for multiple reasons and dislike only 2 single points on it.

    • This event comes with an easy quest line that causal players can easily finish during this event on a wide range of power and progress. Exspecially the fact that we get a boss that does not die by damage but after a certain number of hits makes it almost perfect balanced between vaterans and new players alike.
    • While talking about that event boss: I love this new use of a Shadowtower-Rampage boss hybrid. Once again, by having that boss die after 2000 attacks connected, it prevents people from 1-shooting it or - on the other side of the table - requiring an incredible long time to kill only one of them. Another upside of that boss is the perfect implemention of the banners that you can not only use as decorative memento of that event, but also loot collect during the event for more event chests. Thanx!
    • And not only is it a kinda-new world, it comes with an INCREDIBLE function that many people fail to see while it exists and only start to complain while it doesn't: That Mysterious Challenge has NO RNG involved!!! It has an awesomely sheduled appearence, which starts 2h and 30 mins after the daily reset and after that it appears each 3 hours from then on. You can plan ahead in time and by going on a 3h-shedule, it ensures that people always have a chance to get it even by playing casually. ->No frustrating days where no portal spawns the whole day and anytime during night there are 5 challenges each hour consecutivelly. This is how Rampage should have been implemented.
    • And those Banners are another awesome addition! We get an easy source for Shadow-rarity Banners to pimp up all our less-used classes in style with those things. But it is not only one Banner there, nonono, its a radiant rarity Banner, too; a more rare version of it, that the truly dedicated players can aim at obtaining. At the same time those permanent Banners give no unfair stat advantage towards people who are missing this event. (Though you can really add the useless superstition stat here for the luls )
    • This event comes with a so simply, but at the same time so AWESOME function to add Banners that have an effect in actual combat: Movement Speed, Magic Find and Jumps! On top of that, we get our first non-Vegetable Food, too - which really sweetens this event even further. And by havinf them disappear after event, it makes sure that people who miss that event will not be left behind. But furthermore, just the fact that Banners with stats outside PvP opens doors and gates for possibilities about a 'Banner Profession'. In future, it could be a real thing to allow players to craft their own Banners, improve them, change them, upgrade profession and this also allows more customization and creativity for modders and other people who add more creative Banner styles for Trove. Even if this was not intended to ever be a thing, it still shows so much room for possibilities *hype*
    • What's more about this event is the fact that we get hints of Fractions. You do not only get a Banner and then everyone looks the same, oooh nonono, we get a choice in the quest line. A decision. And depending on that decision, we get not only a different Banner effect, but also a Banner that looks different! You see players all around with Banners during this event, but it is not like everyone looks the same, but there is a coulorful mix of players that have different Banners in use. Diversity and choices are definitely a big plus, if not the biggest plus during this event. Just... The green Banner is rather less appealing because 3 jumps is rather less interesting, if you can have magic find or movement speed instead. A better choice would be 1 Chaos Factor or Exp Gain. Maybe some Max Energy aswell. But We live in a time where people need like 15 Jumps to freely move around and one piece of epquipment gives over 20 Jumps already.
    • And ofc - what would be a perfect event without an incredible tough limited event cosmetic but farmable thing? I did not get one myself, but there are those awesome new placeable decorative styles that we can find while farming. Though I just learned today that this is even a thing, but the mere fact that those exist is an awesome reason for style hunters, builders and collectors alike to get the most out of this event. And this thing will even get o' lazy me back to farming dungeons again tomorrow :3
    • The last upside of this event are those Golden Sunfest Chests that come along with many nice items that you may not get so easily outside this event. Like many style stashes, dragon coins, a rare but masteryless mount and a so damn rare Golden Companion Egg that it realistically does not even Exist at all in Trove outside this event.
    But where there is light, there is unfortunally also shadow....
    • First and most noticeable is that big bug that prevents players to interact with their house NPCs while the Hub is crowded. This might have went unnoticed on a local testing environment, but on real live Trove, it is an issue that causes huge pain and tediousness. No one wants to wait inside the same Hub for 10 minutes just to accept a quest within 2 seconds. This is a real joy killer that scares people away before they can even dive into this event...
    • The second issue are the stupid Golden Vale dragon fragments that are swamping the usually awesome outcom of Golden Sunfest Chests. As background info: Golden Vale is the one dragon that a player is able to get 100 fragments in less than 30 minutes, just by activelly farming Crystallized Clouds a bit. And this does not only appear as normal 'nuisance' or 'bad luck' outcome amongst other awesome prices, but it does actually appear as rare?! outcome! As karma strike?! Really?! People would actually appreciate it, if those were Starfire Dragon Fragments, which are a pain to get. But not the Golden Vale one, which is faaaaaar too common to have it as rare drop inside such a chest... By saying this, the other rare results are okay (Hyper Pin Ex, Golden Egg, Panda Talisman)
    Or to say it with one sentence:

    You created an awesome Event, that is near perfection! Thanx!

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    I have to say this about the event. We all know the dragon fragments should have been removed. The feeling most players have on PS4 and I would think others feel the same way is how entering the event boss is handled. Upon entering the portal a player should NOT enter dead. A player can start before others have entered and now 7 players are stuck dead while some try’s to solo. You can try to leave and enter a new portal only to be thrown back into the same one you left, a never ending death loop for 20+ minutes.
    Again entering the portal room dead for 2 weeks of people trying to solo has made this the worst event ever.
    Perhaps events should be tested and debugged on PTS before they are released instead of having to deal with this nonsense above. It’s a shame because this event could have been pretty damn good.

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