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    Unhappy Food Corrupting Inventory Glitch

    • Time: 1st July 11:00pm GMT
    • Context: Playing on the xbox one x. The bug happens all the time when food is equipped on your character. When equipped, your character cannot access some parts of the inventory and cannot interact with some of the benches properly.
    • Expected: I expected to be able to navigate through the inventory normally and access the gem bench normally.
    • Observed: Instead of it being normal, I couldn't access my inventory much and whenever I tried moving up and down on the gem bench with gems selected, it would revert back to highlighting over the gem selection circle on the bench by default when I let the control stick go.
    • Repro Steps: Equip any food item on your character.
    • Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4CVTnXh8SSQ
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    Hello Pete2DSM2,

    For this kind of issue, please contact our Customer Support with all information you provided here.

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    This is not an isolated issue. Everyone on xbox is experiencing this and it needs to be addressed. If you have food equipped on your character, you cannot use the d-pad to scroll through your inventory and the gem forge is unable to be used.

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