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Thread: Back playing Trove after a couple years, totally lost.

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    Back playing Trove after a couple years, totally lost.

    I only played Trove a little bit back in 2015 with my brother, and when I say a little bit I mean my first class didn't get above lvl 15 until I dropped it. I'm coming back to Trove as to make it my break/cool down game since I'm on a very intense competitive Overwatch team and decided to play other games like Trove in order to not have a mental break down from the pressure. It actually working out pretty well so far.
    I've been playing Trove a lot in the past few days and really like how the game has changed and really want to get into it like I didn't a couple years ago. Although For the past couple days I've been just running around like a head less chicken using only the quests for direction and trying to figure out where everything is and what to do and I can get really lost.
    I'd really appreciate if anyone could drop tips or anything to help a hopeless newb like me ^-^
    Also if anyone is interested in playing or anything feel free to message me anything, either on the forums or in game.
    IGN: Estal

    Also if anyone knows of or has an active Trove discord totally hit me up for that!
    Discord: Estal#2404

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    if you are a french player, you can find the french community discord link on trovesaurus to find more players to play ^^
    else, there are loats of discords (international / english) that can help you
    and Trovesaurus got this page that might help you if you got a LOT of time to lose :

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