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Thread: Starfire Dragon is broken, would love a Dev response

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    Exclamation Starfire Dragon is broken, would love a Dev response

    I know this has been stated about a billion times, but it seems to never get addressed and I'm just wondering why that is? Do the devs really like where the drop rate is at for starfire fragments?

    They realized that Bubble Dragon fragments were broken and they fixed that, so I'm just wondering if they have plans to fix this dragon too?

    There are so many different ways it could be fixed that it's mindblowing. You could require less fragments to craft it, you could increase the drop rate on the mini boss enemies that drop them, you could actually make the mini boss enemies in shadow tower that drop nothing start dropping stuff instead of just copy/pasting them from Shores of the Everdark.

    I think the actual answer is because they want Starfire to require credits to obtain, and if that's the case, please just remove the starfire fragments entirely. As of right now, the 11 I have from playing the game since starfire came out are just taking up space.

    Any response at all would be appreciated.

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    I got to 34 fragments after thousands of world bosses every single week until the point I just bought it for 4.5mil, it's been the worst dragon to obtain since it was released even after the many attempts to get it addressed . It would be nice to know how these kind of things are tested by the devs, or if they are at all.

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    Drop rate

    They first need too remove bee and spider fragment in st
    Make all world boss from st drop and not just certain
    One week drop rate was cool cause there is an st with 20 world boss and no bee no spider so the problem is just that remove this fragment from the drop table of world boss st and let's us farm the stafire freetooplayly
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