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    XBOX to PC

    I'm afraid to ask this question because I'm sure the answer will not be good. Trove is the only game I play on my XBOX because i play everything else on pc, I cannot start again because I have thousands of hours on xbox trove so I'm forced to play on xbox.

    I know it's been spoken about before but I haven't seen a clear yes or no, not merging or bringing clubs over to PC. Just the account progress, i.e. mastery and pr...

    Any chance of account transfer ever being a possibility would make me so happy. I know it can be transferred from live PC to pts PC so I have hope. Although I'm aware of the problems involved and that it is likely not possible.

    Do I have to forever play on console?

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    Hello ovaeon, unfortunately it is not possible to transfer account from console to PC or vice-versa.
    If it changes we'll let you all know about it

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    Thank you! I'll take that as a glimpse of hope that one day it may be possible

    Couple quick questions, are there any updates on adding mouse and keyboard support for console? XBOX has added the support to the console but it is up to the developers to choose to implement it or not? Also it's been discussed in the past and it was considered that mods on console could be possible? Any updates or info would be great! Thanks

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    From what I've seen and heard, PC and Xbox servers are separate so you can't play together or transfer accounts.

    Just curious - Could Microsoft's play anywhere program work for Trove? If Trove was available on the Microsoft PC store could you access your Xbox account and play the game on PC while still accessing the Xbox servers?

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