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    Unhappy Leaderboards Not Working

    Time: Happened with the Gardening update
    Context: Playing on standard ps4, bug happens no matter where you are in the game
    Expected: Expected to open & view all leaderboards to check weekly contests
    Observed: Can only view mastery leaderboards, can't select anything else
    Repro Steps:
    1. Open leaderboards
    2. Try to navigate

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    Known issue: (will be fixed in a future hotfix)
    • Unable to select most leaderboards with the cursor, preventing players from seeing those leaderboards.
    • Leaderboards that can be selected are difficult to select due to the cursor moving in unexpected ways.
    • The Stats, Power Rank, Meta, Shadow Tower Leaderboards are unselectable.
    It's known.

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    Hello there,

    Thanks TJ13 for answering, we'll let you all know when the hotfix will be applied.

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    Is this really going to take longer than 2 weeks.. leaderboards are everything to alot of players an them being buggy an how timegated this new update is gives alot of people low motivation to stay logged on longer than it takes to water an harvest.

    Happy this finally came out for console but this update needs alot of TLC, first is making cookie musk tradable as this ally habitat is starting to prove itself bigger problem than alot of mastery farmers hope it to be as the more mastery allies are simply to rare.

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    XxJoExX0 is right. A lot of players have been talking about how without leaderboards there's not much reason to play all day every day like they used to. With no way to check ranks, they've lost their motivation. I just hope it's high on the priority list, because I know it's affected the way a lot of people play, including myself.

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