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Thread: Are we ever going to have dev livestreams again?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ugly View Post
    You missed 40 minutes of crap for 5 minutes of content.
    I don't want to see your kids art or listen to grown adults act like fools.
    These streams were a mess and a waste of time.

    If professionals took over I'm down, but they were so bad it was pathetic and a waste of time.

    Starts 6:00pm
    6:00 6:05 give a ways and you respond to questions from end of last stream.
    6:06 6:15 Questions from live feed not hand picked but a GM/person who has no idea how to play the game.
    6:06 6:15 visit club world or play the game.
    6:16 6:25 New content or talk about the future plans.
    6:26: 6:30 Questions are taken or responded to....

    Not hey anyone know how to do giveaways, lets sit here looking like fools for 10 minutes.... or lets show them art from peoples kids.... How about a all dev sr or st clear....... show you know how to play the game..

    No way you miss the live streams, you miss the giveaways and information.

    We appear to have different opinions about the livestreams. While I agree that there was a lot of extra fluff to them, I usually would read the summaries and/or go back and watch the stream later as I work a full time job and could not attend the event itself. My point being that there was enough information content in the live stream that I saw value in them, and did not consider them a complete waste of time.

    What your not giving any credit for was the PR value of the Dev's doing the live stream, and the fact that they had to deal with the often toxic player base.

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    I remember tuning in to the livestreams over a year ago to see the devs play their game. It was a fun experience.

    When I read Ugly's comment, at first I thought they meant that people were missing out on their kid's art or watching Impratical Jokers on TV, but as I read through this thread, I realized that the developers were showing off 'art' and making fools of themselves.
    The original developers would have never done that.

    What has the game turned into during my 10 months of not viewing the forums?
    #PSN: Benji_Yokai#
    It's pronounced yoh-KAI, not yoh-ki (a common misconception)

    I'm not sure if I want to play this game again after seeing what has changed during my 10-month break
    I will still be lurking on the forums to see if things have changed, I still have hope

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