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Thread: Not just PC but Trove entirely.

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    Not just PC but Trove entirely.

    I play on Xbox and a lot of people that I know that play have said they quit over 2 reasons.

    1) Updates aren’t coming out quick enough. I know it’s not the devs fault for this reason, I wish Gamigo realised that they have the money to have kept more devs.

    2) They don’t enjoy what has happened to the PvP in Trove. They want battle mode to return as they see bomber royale as a way of the devs trying to jump on a popular mode instead of improving what they already had. I hope that the devs can bring back battle mode and get players that quit back, I even have an idea for them. Bring battle mode back to Trove and leave bomber royale on Geode, make new dragons and make it so you need to complete matches to get coins or fragments for a dragon. Could make an actual diamond dragon.

    Hopefully a dev sees this.

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    I want a pony made out of diamonds

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    1) Don't expect updates to ever be as fast as they may have been before. Gamigo acquired Trove to milk what they can out of it for as little effort as possible. Where did you get the idea that they have the money to hire more people?

    2) The amount of people that actually enjoyed PVP is a relatively low portion of the game's player base. It was always an unbalanced mess, and even less people like Bomber Royale.

    People quit for various different reasons, but people in my club and friend groups, myself included, quit Trove because the content is just stale, and the new stuff just kinda sucks.
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