this might have been tooled a LOT of times alredy , but i just recently started to be actif on this forum and wanted to know how the community will help new players.

from what this graph shows, the huge rush from all the high level players is done, most clubs stopped placing new Habitats and this number seems to be going down.. untile when ?
after the last "nerf" of habitats, a LOT of players just stopped placing new habitats... and with the cost of creating , new players will have a HARD time to get all rare allies.
good things is that there are still clubs that have a lot of allies each day

but only a few from what i saw are still continuing to add more after the old ones withers a way..

new clubs are starting to take relay from the old clubs but can't do a lot of habitats...

what do to to help new players?
this is what i am asking the community.
i had thought that it would be renewable, but after last nerf and old habitats dying, it seems impossible now.
-adding a systeme to "repair" habitats ?
-club stuctures to let habitats live longer ?
-make habitats rarly spawn in adventure worlds ? but they are "wild" habitats that only survives untile next reset ?

i did this post because i love trove, playing it for well over 4 years, non stop, and is seeing fewer and fewer new players that stay. just trying to help this game survive longer.
(P.S : Sorry for my english.
pictures might be jucky, was kind of doing copy pasting)