I'm pretty sure what clubits should be tradable on market. Why i'm think so?
1) They already can be sold and its kind of popular deal. Everyone can donate them to club and everyone can give flux to another player. But it looks like trading before trade post, seller should have free slot to sell "untradable item", its very uncomfortable and i'm pretty sure what i'm just very lucky cos i wasn't scamed while i was buyin more than 100k clubits for my club.

2) No one want do club quests (you can see this in quest contest). It's boring, it's does not bring some profit and half time you see loading screen(not joke, 5 gem box quest you can do in less than a minute, and you will see 2 loading screen every minute of your farm, and i'm dont speak about mf quests, with 7k mf you should just kill a couple of mobs in st). If players will be able to at least make some flux on this then they will do quests. (Can club quests start works like toms?)
3)I was leveling up my club to lvl 10 near with year. While i was doing it best way to geting exp was farming st quest with alt accounts, even fixed bomber royal quest and pirrots have given me less exp. If some one will start do club quests then we will see more new clubs, more community centers its good.