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Thread: Shadow Hunter Performance Tweaks/Suggestions

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    Shadow Hunter Performance Tweaks/Suggestions

    I've been giving some time to some of the classes I've enjoyed in the past, but haven't played much since my return, and wanted to lay out some suggestions on the Shadow Hunter, one of the most played Trove classes, but also one that could use a little update. Below are my suggestions -- I would love feedback from others.

    Passive - Same as currently, but when a shadow marked target is killed, immediately assign shadow mark to a new target.

    Basic Attack (M1) - Allow arrows to pass through enemies, but not walls (straight line AoE). This would allow for shadow marked targets to be struck more reliably when enemies are clumped together (and help alleviate timing issues due to lag), as well as provides a minor amount of AoE.

    Radiant Arrow (M2) - Increase energy cost to 80 (up from 40) and remove charge time (always fire at full strength)

    Stun Mines (1) - Increase damage to 300% (up from 115%).

    Arrow of the Goddess (2) - Reduce cooldown to 35 seconds (down from 50 seconds)

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    Just allowing the basic attack to phase through enemies would help make the Shadow Hunter a much greater class even though his end game dps is pretty bad.

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