Just wanted to post my personal suggestions for what a Chloromancer rework might look like. Would love insight from others.

New Passive - Sow Life - Your basic attack applies pollen to enemies for a short duration (5s -- cannot be reapplied while active). When pollen expires, spawns a flower item that can be picked up by allies for a small heal and energy boost.

Basic attack - change to short-ranged 45 degree cone (similar to pirate captain's basic attack), to allow more targets hit as well as be more in-line with chloromancer's plants range. Could be styled to look like a water splash on default costumes. Maintains current heal ally/damage enemy functionality.

Leafy Lasher (max 3) - Allow more than one to deal damage to a target at the same time.

Blooming Pollinator (max 2) - instead of exploding, after growing this plant lasts for 6 seconds, pulsing healing to allies and damage to enemies around it before exploding (6 pulses of 100% MD and 2.5% heal), and final explosion dealing about 50% of the damage/healing of the current explosion (275% MD and 7% heal)

New Ult - Pitcher Plant Protector - Spawns a pitcher plant ally that lasts until killed (can be re-cast to de-summon pitcher plant and provide a minor reduction in the skill's cooldown. Cooldown is triggered when the pitcher plant is killed). Pitcher plant ally can gain new attacks when the Chloromancer picks up enough flowers from Sow Life (max of one upgrade every 5 s), and starts with only an AoE "smash" melee attack. When one flower has been picked up, pitcher plant gains a high damage single-target acid spit attack (like the normal pitcher plants, not like the hydra). When two flowers have been picked up, pitcher plant gains its signature "spin" attack. When three flowers have been picked up, pitcher plant's spin attack is empowered to pull nearby enemies to it. Would be fun if it started small, but grew with each upgrade, eventually getting to the size of the "boss" versions of the pitcher plants.

Green Gatling - Leafy Lashers instead spawns Green Gatlings, maintaining the 3 spawn limit.