Work is important but it life is more important than work. People work and hard work to live. Thus construction is one of risky profession with the highly fatality rate. According to a research 3%of the workers get injured at the site it means 66,000 workers. While 4% of workers suffer from the work related illness every year. It is calculated on the average basis. The industry has seen much worse. Here we are providing some of the data with the help we can gain some further insight into the problem. Below mention are some of the official figures. Have a look on it:
152 construction workers were killed while working on site
There are 611,000 cases of the injury it consists with the major and minor was took place within a construction site.
A whooping 27.3 million workdays were lost due to on-site injury and illness
The final cost of these injuries and illness is estimated to be 14.3 billion