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Thread: STEAM Endless Update Glyph

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    STEAM Endless Update Glyph

    Whatever i do glyph keeps updating over and over again. I googled and found entries from years ago suggesting a fix by deleting temp files. This does not work it just keeps downloading and updating over and over.

    Any suggestions how to fix it like right now ? Ty in advance bros !

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    I'm experiencing the same issue.

    Glyph refuses to update.
    It downloads the files, extracts them and when it says "finishing" and tries to open the launcher, it crashes:

    ~then gets back to the beginning, starting with downloading the files again, getting stuck in a loop until manually cancelling the update.

    I have uninstalled Glyph and made Steam install it again - the issue still persists.
    I have re-installed the whole game - the issue still persists.

    I tried to launch the game manually from its folder, but after trying to log in, it says that the servers are down.

    The game is currently unplayable.

    Looks like a different update (it wasn't STABLE-103-1408-A-262542 anymore) was released, which auto-updater managed to install. The game is now working properly.

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