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Thread: Completed Five Star dungeons not giving out rewards

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    Completed Five Star dungeons not giving out rewards

    Time: 6/11/2019, for about at least a week or two
    Context: Collected my rewards from 5* challenged from the rewards tab [L]
    Expected: I expected to receive items in either my Geode or my standard inventory.
    Observed: No items awarded. Item picture of Lesser Geodian Cache in [L] screen erroneously replaced with item image of Crystalline Core
    Repro Steps:
    I have no idea what just fixed it but for the first time in 2 weeks I just received my rewards properly. I wish I had more useful information.

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    Well first off.
    Character Level?
    If under 25 then you won't get any rewards.

    Uber Level?

    U8 = No light.

    U9 = 100 Light.

    U10 = 2125 light.

    Changing characters before it's completed to a lower stat will null the items.

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    If it shows as Gold or Silver reward (you can get 1 gold and 2 silver each day), these are cores rewarded directly to your items inventory. These rewards are given based on time. Only Bronze rewards appear in your normal inventory (as chests). After you have received your 1 gold and 2 silver each day, the rest of the rewards from 5* dungeons are all bronze.

    But gold and silver *should* show up as a core icon, since that's what you get for those rewards, and they go directly into your items tab (3rd tab down), not geode or standard inventory.

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